Thursday, January 26, 2017

10:44 PM


Wow, I can't believe how 2016 ended so soon! Looking back, it has been a year of challenges and realizations. I always present myself by having a strong personality who never lets anyone look down on me. I am a fighter, yes, but just like any of you, I still have a lot of things to learn. And to be honest with you guys, before 2016 ended and just as this year have started - I've learned a couple of things that I would like to share with you. These may be some thoughts that are great to ponder upon.

  • I've learned to eliminate hatred and replace it with love. There was one person who I am not really close with told a friend that I am full of hatred. And then one day I just asked myself where all these hatred came from. Who started it? Why am I so hateful? Then all these experiences and emotions came pouring in - I used to be a happy person but with all these bad experiences with people made me see the worst in them before seeing the good. Slowly, I am learning to look beyond what our naked eyes can see. To see the good in every person instead of focusing on their bad characteristics.
  • I've learned that forgiveness takes time and courage. Trust me, I've been there. This is the reason why I've abandoned being The Awkward Probinsyana cause this identity reminded me of my happy days with someone I was really close with but because of a sudden turn of events, we parted ways. I was heartbroken and hurt but I showed the world that I was furious, which takes me to my third learning -s e e  n e x t  b u l l e t || Expressing forgiveness also took me a lot of courage, I can't even tell how many gallons of fluid I've swallowed before I could contact this person whom I haven't speak to for years but let me tell you this, it will be worth it.
  • I've learned that showing what you truly feel is not a sign of weakness. I never told anyone what I found out - I just expressed my anger through social media. When they asked me why, I never gave them a reason. I was bombarded by hurtful things that the person said behind my back but I never really shared the complete details with anyone. That's why I looked bad in their eyes but I didn't care. I kept it to myself so I became angrier every single day.
  • I've learned to apologize specially if you know for a fact that even though these people hurt you, you've also did something wrong in some ways. I got so mad that I've resorted to social media for all my unsaid feelings, I even cursed them to their faces and text messages. I blocked them and removed them from my socials - I've cursed everyone and did I feel good after doing so? No, I didn't. The thorns were only removed the day I've fully allowed myself to forgive and to heal. Babe, it felt good.
  • I've learned that some advises aren't really a good advice. :) Even some of your friends give bad advises and it's okay to trust your own instincts. It's okay to decide on your own and it's okay to commit mistakes just as long as you learn from them.
Before 2016 closed, it has opened some doors that I've already closed. Rekindled friendships and closures set me free. I still have a lot to learn and I'm trying to learn it outside social media. Turning off my connection every once in a while make me explore the world that is out there - besides, I'm only 25 and still learning.

Much Love,

Monday, January 16, 2017

6:39 PM


Those who have known me for such a long would probably know for a fact that I adore Hello Kitty and the color pink so much. At this day and age, there are a lot of pop up stores and cafes that features Hello Kitty theme but this is actually the first time that I've been in one.

If I haven't shared it yet, my sister in law is from Angeles Pampanga and the last time we visited the area, they took me to the Lovely Cat Cafe. I got really excited the moment I saw the sign and the exterior of the cafe is definitely worthy for the gram so I took the opportunity to have my photo taken.

The place is too pink for my life. I should've worn something else if I knew we would be going here. A pastel outfit would match the place. To be honest, I have no idea what to expect but during our visit, there were only a few costumers so we had the liberty to take photos of the place without judging eyes.

Visit Lovely Cat Cafe on Facebook to know more!

View from outside
A Hello Kitty custom made sofa and a huge Hello Kitty statue awaits her lovely customers

Ate Mina, Mom, Lucas, and Yours Truly

They also displayed a collection of Hello Kitty plushies on their walls

Hello Kitty Everywhere!

The food is not disappointing too. We had chicken pops on top of an Iced Tea. How cool is that ya'll? The only thing that annoyed me is that we actually ordered for a 1 piece chicken meal with rice and Iced Tea and this is what we got. Anyway, they also offer drinks and pastries but this is the only meal that we've ordered since we're not really into sweets and we're not that hungry.

KPOP music videos are playing on their flat screens. I think Lucas enjoyed the show. :)

Even their toilets are Hello Kitty Themed! :)

If you are around the area, try to visit Lovely Cat Cafe. Overall I give them the 3 out of 5 stars rating ★★★✰✰ just because my order wasn't served right. :( Plus, I haven't tried the other meals yet especially their drinks. But still, this place is worth seeing.

If you love Hello Kitty too or if there are any characters themed cafes/restaurants that you really love, let me know on the comments.

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

9:14 PM

Escape Diaries: El Nido, Palawan Part 1

Looking back, 2016 has given me a lot pf opportunities to travel and explore the Philippines. I don't want to sugarcoat traveling - it requires a lot of your time and finances. Traveling pushed me to save up. Hence, last year's trip to El Nido, Palawan with Ravonni happened.

So let me tell you a little backstory of our trip. Initially, we were just planning to visit Sagada which also tops my travel bucketlist. During that time, Rav was only available on weekdays and booking a trip to Sagada on weekdays is impossible given that there's only the two of us and weekday trips are considered exclusive trips. Upon checking Facebook, there were promos for Boracay tour but we ended up booking for El Nido. Weird, aren't we? 

So we partnered with Funtreats Travel and Tours for this trip. Rates may vary depending on your planned date. Airfares change rapidly. Prepare at least 7,000 to 8,000 but don't you worry, you can avail an ALL-IN Package with that amount. That includes the airfare, hotel accommodation, Van Transfers, and Tour A. 

If you haven't been to El Nido yet, maybe you're wondering what Tour A is. In El Nido, there's the Tour A, B, C, and D. Tour A is the cheapest and most basic one. If it's your first time to visit, then Tour A is a must. Tour A includes the lagoons - Small Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, and Big Lagoon. You will also visit the Shimizu Island and the Seven Commandos Beach.

What was supposed to be a 5 am flight became a 6am one due to some delays, I know right? The aircraft also stayed in NAIA for a while since Puerto Princesa airport will open around 8 am if I'm not mistaken. From Puerto Princesa, we still went through a 5 hour transfer to El Nido. Don't fret! There will be a meal stop for lunch. 


From the El Nido Van Terminal, we still have to ride a tricycle to our hotel. We checked in at Lolo Oyong Pension House and it was a good choice since it was near the city proper of El Nido and that means less cost on meals! Oh, our hotel comes with a free breakfast by the way.

Overall, I could rate my stay in Lolo Oyong with 4 out of 5 stars, Our room was cozy and clean. There were a variety of breakfast options and it is near the city limits! Everything you need is just a few blocks away. The staffs were friendly too.

We rested for awhile and headed to our first destination, Nacpan Twin Beaches.

I'll share this on a separate post.

Till next time! :)


Thursday, January 5, 2017

7:38 PM

I'm Home, 2017.

Been moving back and forth from blogger to tumblr and back again but now I can definitely say that I am back to where I originally belong. I've been debating whether to stick with my farewelltotinkerbell identity or just go back to where my heart really belongs to. Since it's a new year, I am proud to say that I am back as The Awkward Probinsyana.

So what made me decide to stick with my old url and my old platform. I did enjoyed being with Tumblr a lot. I've made friends and blogging was simple on tumblr. But every now and then, I'm still looking for the features that tumblr couldn't provide especially now that I am looking in to stepping up my blogging game this 2017. I checked on Wordpress but truly, blogger still won my heart.

There are still a lot of changes that are coming. I still have to fix my domain name and my template but I am slowly getting there. To all those who were with me on Tumblr, I truly appreciate you dear fairies and I hope that we'd still somehow stay connected through the things that I would share here.

I am home guys and I am happy.


The Awkward Probinsyana is a blog written by an awkward, fairy wannabe who dreams of making the world a better place with just a little sprinkle of pixie dust. This blog is created to share her thoughts and dreams. Hopefully, to inspire the girls in the world to be who they are meant to be.

P.S. - I still want to meet Atom Araullo.