Sunday, July 16, 2017

9:59 PM

Ear Candy: Top 10 Songs That Never Left My Playlist

Travelling to and from work usually takes me 2-3 hours given the proximity of home to office. Imagine the horror of being stuck in EDSA traffic 5 days a week. I have separate gadgets for music, photos, and games. That's just how I am and that is the main reason why I carry an oversized bag for work. I keep a separate ipod where I store all my music. I've owned both the 4th and 5th generation of the iPod Nano but for some reason, it was always stolen. Right now, I have my trusty Sony Walkman MP3 Player. Another bad habit is not saving a back-up of my songs - I know, I know! Hehehe. But despite the hassle, these are the top 10 songs I wouldn't mind downloading over and over again.. Prepare the cheese cause I realized they're ll mushy!

10. Beautiful As You - All 4 One

9. Terrified - Katharine Mcphee & Zachary Levi

8. Over It - Katharine Mcphee

7. Too Little, Too Late - JoJo

6. So Slow - Jon Mclaughlin

5. Blue Sky - Hale (high school crush's fave way back so it never left my playlist ever since)

4. A Girl Can Dream - Nina 

3. Teardrops On My Guitar - Taylor Swift

2. Superman - Joe Brooks

and number 1 spot goes to Best Friend by Jason Chen - yep!!!

I still have a lot of music on my playlist that I would like to share with you guys but these are the ones that will always have a space on my storage no matter how old they get. Perhaps, I'll make a part 2 of these list next time.

How about you guys? What are the songs that are always included on your playlist?


Monday, July 10, 2017

7:49 PM

Ohana: Remembering My Hero

It was an ordinary day in 9th of July of 2003. Dreams used to be so sweet and mornings used to be the best for our family.
Having breakfast together with Tatay's favorite Tuna Omelette. Not until I got the news that broke me forever. They say that first cut is the deepest - and among all those heartbreaks that I've already faced this one is the most painful of all. The day that I lost the man who loved us the most. I remember him as a strong man. Probably stronger than everyone I've ever known my entire life. Growing up, he made sure that all his grandchildren get only the best thing in life. With him, I've experienced a truly joyful childhood and with that, I'll be forever grateful.

It has been 14 long years since he passed but for me, his memory and legacy lived on. Each year, we celebrate his life as a family and this year is not any different. We went to church, visited our family mausoleum, then had lunch. I still miss him every day, you know. I always whisper a short prayer because I know God takes the message to him. It makes me sad that he wasn't able to meet Lucas in person but I know with all the quirkiness Lucas did, he's laughing in heaven.

We ate at #Delicioso Buffet Restaurant.
Here is a photo of my auntie with my two younger cousins.

Nanay and Tita Bebe

They didn't like the food either.

Lucas with my mom.
Lucas was doing the mukhasim face and really wanted me to capture it on camera. It was too cute! I wanted to cry!

As for the restaurant, we ate at I'd give it a 3 out of 5 stars. I didn't like it that much. I didn't even bother to take photos of the menu. Although I did like their baked mussels but the rest - nothing special.

Hope I could share more updates with you as often. I still have lots of things on my backlog *cries* but I'll do my best to be more updated.


Thursday, July 6, 2017

9:51 PM

Escape Diaries: Bakasyunan (Tanay Rizal)

I want to share some photos I took of Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay Rizal. So our company had a late summer outing and out of the many choices, this resort won. Honestly, I wasn't able to take that much photo because the travel took so much of my energy. I was super tired and I had zero energy to get out of our villa and mingle with the rest of the team. In short, I passed out half the time of the entire vacation.


 Their infinity pool is kind of like on a mountaintop but it was pleasant to look at.

We had experienced a mishap on the way to Tanay. Apparently, our tire was not in a good shape even before we left but nobody saw a flat tire coming. Good thing, a concerned fellow traveler stopped us to mention about our tire and another good thing is that we weren't stopped in the middle of nowhere.

Manong helped us with it! It took us about an hour to fix the tire.

We were still blessed that he willingly helped us since we were an all-girl group.

Although the trip was tiring, I can say that the resort was nice! It has a beautiful view and the pools were spacious enough to accommodate several companies who went for a team building the same day as us. Apart from the pools, there are also different activities that you can do here which is a plus to any resort that I went to.

Looking forward to more swim breaks!


Ria ♥

Monday, April 24, 2017

6:19 PM

Escape Diaries: Villa Emmanuela Wave Pool & Resort

I'm not quite sure but I feel like if we were in a classroom, Bulacan sits right next to Sun! Yep, that's how hot we feel here. So on a random Saturday morning, we've decided to just screw it and find the nearest pool resort which brought us to the Villa Emmanuela Wave Pool & Resort in Poblacion.

But first, let me share some of our mishaps during that day before we ended up at this resort. We left the house around 10 in the morning but upon our arrival here, the cottages were already full. Since we were with a kid that time, the only choice we had then was to leave and consider other options. Next, we tried Cool Waves but it was also full, We also checked out this resort in Tabang which I forgot the name but it was also full. We were left with no choice but to just go back here and wait for the night time swimming. Let me tell you, my nephew's face when he finally got to swim was worth all the hassle. <3

The facade of the resort was quite impressive considering it's a simple one and it's very accessible to travelers. You can easily locate the resort since their location is near the main road of Plaridel Bulacan.

My brother even asked me to take tourist-y shot of him in the lobby/reception area of the resort.

They had a vendo machine and their staffs are friendly. Additionally, if you need help in inflating some of the pool items you brought along, they could help you with that.  

Now, brace yourselves for cuteness overload on these photos!

Despite the scorching heat of the sun, my nephew still manages to smile for the camera.

How can you not adore this little one?

We waited until 5:30 in the afternoon before we were allowed to go inside the resort. The hut that we rented would not be available until that time. Good thing that there's a shade in the lobby so we were not really waiting under the heat of the sun. They have several cottages that you can rent ranging from 500-3,000 pesos depending on your preferences.

But the long wait was all worth it! Look at this little one's smiling face!

We learned a very important summer lesson on that day: Always be early! :)) Especially if you know it's a holiday and resorts are expecting a lot of travelers. :) Overall, I definitely recommend this resort to anyone who's looking for a quick and simple way to beat the summer heat. 

Any plans this summer that you care to share? Hit the comment section! 

Much Love,
R :)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

12:22 AM

Adventure Awaits!

As I was browsing for some new wallpapers to use for my phone, I stumbled upon a quote that says "Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once.". I may have a strong personality but most days, I'm really scared to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. That is probably why most of the time I choose to keep a toxic job, with a toxic boss, and toxic people at the same time. But after going through a lot of bad times, unhappy moments, and a couple of worst scenarios -- I've decided to chase adventure!

I wanted to share the complete details but I'm afraid this isn't the right time yet. I just wanted to share that despite everything that God has put me and my family through earlier this year, a couple of blessings came right after! Opportunities kept coming in and out and I just can't help but grab each of them. I am truly grateful that a comforting and loving God runs my life. 

"When it rains, look for rainbows. When it's dark, look for stars."
God has always been so faithful. I can't wait to start this new adventure but of course, I need to do a lot of preparations first. Ugh, I'm dying to share with everyone what it is that I am talking about but for sure, as soon as everything is all set, I will definitely write it down here.


The Awkward Probinsyana is a blog written by an awkward, fairy wannabe who dreams of making the world a better place with just a little sprinkle of pixie dust. This blog is created to share her thoughts and dreams. Hopefully, to inspire the girls in the world to be who they are meant to be.

P.S. - I still want to meet Atom Araullo.

My Fairies ♥